Zac Efron Facts: Lets Celebrate His 30th Birthday with 30 Facts

Despite having one of the best bodies and faces of the Hollywood Zac Efron is an actor of the most interesting facts full of surprises and talents. Lets celebrate his 30th birthday with 30 interesting and important facts about Zac Efron.

Zac Efron

The years go by for all and although it seems incredible, the actor we will always remember as the blue-eyed young man and basketball player and singer Troy Bolton, has already grown older. Thanks to this role, a young Zac Efron became known around the world. While he has had his problems with fame, the actor is getting to build a solid career and full of interesting projects. You can read all the news about this actor on

Zac Efron is one of the actors of ‘High School Musical’ who have better gone after the end of the Disney saga. Far from stagnating in his character, he has managed to continue his career and gain a foothold in Hollywood cinema, playing different roles and working under the orders of important directors such as Lee Daniels or Garry Marshall. Harassed by the press and the paparazzi from a young age, Efron has always tried to keep his private life away from the media and the press. Despite this, the actor’s friendly and confident character continues to conquer thousands of fans scattered around the world. We reviewed 30 facts that perhaps you did not know about the actor:

  1. Zac Efron was born on October 18, 1987 in California, United States.
  2. The actor was baptized with the name Zachary David Alexander Efron, and has Jewish ancestry, although the actor has publicly declared himself an atheist.
  3. His surname, Efron, in Hebrew, means lark, a common bird found in many countries.
  4. Although his international fame came with ‘High School Musical’, the actor had already appeared as a child in films like ‘An unexpected trip’ or ‘The Derby Stallion’. Its beginnings also included television series as in the series ‘Urgencies’, a series that led to the fame of the actor George Clooney.
  5. Coming to body measurements, Zac Efron height is 5ft 8in which is pretty decent while his weight is 170 pounds.
  6. In the role that made him famous, that of the singer and basketball player Troy Bolton, the actor did not sing in the first movie of ‘High School Musical’, as the songs were written for a tenor voice and was dubbed by singer Drew Seeley.
  7. After the fame achieved by the musical saga, the actor entered the Forbes list of richest artists occupying the 92nd position with only 20 years, with a cumulative earnings of almost 6 million dollars between 2007 and 2008.
  8. During the filming of ‘High School Musical’, he began a relationship with his partner and girlfriend in the films Vanessa Hudgens, with which he spent 5 years until his breakup in 2010.
  9. Disney had planned ‘High School Musical’ as a single film , but after the success of its first installment, they turned it into a trilogy that became famous all over the world.
  10. Zac appears in the video of ‘Say Okay’ by Vanessa Hudgens in which they performed again as a couple.
  11. After appearing singing in the trilogy, the powerful jury of ‘Factor X’, Simon Cowell, offered him a record contract, which the actor declined because he wanted to focus on his career as an actor.
  12. They accepted him at the University of South Carolina, an offer that he also ended up declining because it was incompatible with his career.
  13. In 2008, Zac Efron had to go to the emergency room for a severe appendicitis, everything went well and the appendix was removed.
  14. Zac Efron learned to ride a motorcycle after meeting the actor Tom Cruise at a party, who offered to teach him.
  15. One of his most prized possessions is a collection of baseballs signed by all San Francisco Giants players of the last 10 years.
  16. Having this body is not easy, so he is an active athlete. His favorite sports are golf, skiing, climbing and surfing.
  17. The actor has two tattoos, two intertwined feathers on the side of his right arm and the word ‘Yolo’ tattooed on his right hand as well.
  18. Besides being a great singer, the actor is also a fan of playing instruments, his favorite being the piano.
  19. Along with his classmates from ‘High School Musical’, he has a gold and ruby ​​ring with the word ‘Wildcats’ inscribed.
  20. Despite his incredible physique and undeniable beauty, the actor has never managed to be chosen as the most handsome man in the world according to People magazine, reaching only the second place in 2009.
  21. In recent years, the actor is getting to appear in renowned films, as in 2012 with his role in ‘The Paperboy’ with actors such as Nicole Kidman or Matthew McConaughey.
  22. In 2013, due to his addiction to alcohol and drug abuse, Zac Efron entered a detoxification center to continue treatment. Thanks to these aids, the actor managed to leave both addictions.
  23. The possibility that Zac Efron has had love stories with other men has been constantly rumored, although none has been confirmed by the actor.
  24. One of his greatest examples to follow is his friend and colleague by profession, actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  25. Zac Efron has only one brother, also actor Dylan Efron, his younger brother with whom he has a very good relationship.
  26. Another of the handsome actor’s visits to the hospital occurred in 2013, when after falling into his own house he broke his jaw.
  27. Among his latest projects, the actor has starred in the new version of ‘The Baywatch’ with Dwayne Johnson.
  28. Throughout her career, he has received different awards for his acting ability, such as the Teen Choice Award.
  29. His next project is the film ‘The Greatest Showman’, together with Hugh Jackman, which will arrive in theatres next December 29th.
  30. At just 30 years old, the actor is at his best moments, full of projects and with a fortune valued at more than 18 million dollars.