The Unexpected Reunion of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

Saturday Night Live continues to give us a comedy chair in a sketch in which Ryan Gosling reunited with Emma Stone to continue making fun of his roles in La La Land, the Damien Chazelle film that swept the Oscars this year.

Ryan Gosling was the guest of luxury on Saturday Night Live’s latest show. The Canadian actor, who remains on the crest of the wave after the US premiere of Blade Runner: 2049, visited one of the funniest shows on television, perhaps in which the guest has to get more involved since he is an active part of it at all times.

Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

The beloved movie couple rejoined forces in the premiere episode of the 43rd season of Saturday Night Live. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone organized a mini meeting of ‘La La Land’ on television. The Oscar nominee for his role in the film, was one of the hosts invited to the sketch program, and there began with a speech that ironically responded to criticism about the ‘savior role of jazz’ of his character.

Gosling participated in sketches, played the piano and gave us a monologue about how a Canadian guy, himself, saved jazz in the movie La La Land. He saved it, yes, it was very clear … until Emma Stone appeared on the scene.

Her cast partner on the award-winning musical broke out unexpectedly and had a hilarious conversation with Gosling that is not wasted.

I have the honor to introduce SNL again. I mean, I have not felt that excited since I saved jazz … Because you know I saved jazz, right? I did La La Land and everyone said I saved jazz … I think I was dying and I saved it. Yes, for those of you who are curious, I am the only person who thought I would save jazz. I mean, me, Ryan Gosling? A white child from Canada? I think I could try and save the jazz … So I did


“I had not felt so excited since I saved jazz,” Gosling said before SNL cast member Kenan Thompson came out to try to keep him from talking further.

The actor in ‘La Land’ was Sebastian, a musician who lived by and for jazz. In his appearance in the last SNL, appeared the surprise guest: Emma Stone.

Shortly afterwards, the co-star of the film appeared to tell Gosling: “Can you talk to me for a moment?” “What are you doing?” “You did not save jazz.” “How many times have we talked about this?” Stone asked. “Many,” Ryan answered. And Emma clarified the phrase “We saved the jazz”.

A hilarious intervention that you revive here:

In the video Ryan declares savior of the jazz, but with what it did not count was with the appearance of Emma, ​​who says to him.

The magic of Damien Chazelle’s film came back last weekend on Saturday Night Live. Emma Stone and  Ryan Gosling had been together once again on camera. It was beautiful looking at both the actors together. How did you like the show?