Robert Pattinson, unrecognizable in his latest film

Robert Pattinson new look

On d theay of the premiere, in the French capital, we have already been able to see the first frames of the film Good Time. Most surprising of all has been the hairstyle of the protagonist, Robert Pattinson, who surely will not leave anyone indifferent and will be the object of multiple memes.

Robert Pattinson Instagram

It is a hairstyle that stands out for its blond color “chicken” , radically different from the natural color of the American actor and escapes the image to which his followers were accustomed in his films known as Twilight or Remember me.

The surprise comes after the presentation of the film in the last edition of the festival of Cannes, where the actor did not wear the style that shines in the film but appeared in a formal suit and a natural hair color, as usual.


The actors are exposed to multiple changes in order to recreate to perfection the characters for which they participate.

Robert Pattinson , who alongside  Kristen Stewart starred in the popular ‘Twilight’ saga , has shown in a series of photographs revealing that he has completely abandoned the vampire’s appearance , which captivated the hearts of thousands of women around the world .

Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. Since appearing in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and the ‘Twilight’ saga, he is considered one of the most handsome men. However, his new look could take the throne as a gallant.

Pattinson surprised  his  followers on Instagram with his new appearance, which is totally unrecognizable, which he adopted to be able to characterize a new character that in the coming months will come to light.

In the pictures, Robert Pattinson , 31, surprisingly appears wearing beard, long hair and blond.

With this change of look, Pattinson adjusts his appearance for his role in the criminal drama ‘Good Times’ , which premiered in Paris and has been well accepted by critics.

From his looks, Pattinson has been compared to Andy Warhol and Meryl Streep of ‘The Devil Wears Fashion’ .

Robert Pattinson looked completely opposite to previous roles he has done. Here are some pictures of what Robert looks like now:

Robert Pattinson new look

Robert left behind his traditional small cut and brown, to give way to a new platinum blonde look, which, it should be noted, surprised many of his fans.

The new look in Robert Pattinson hair is not a whim, rather it is part of the physical appearance he had to adopt to play the role of Constantine in the movie ‘Good Time’.

It is a criminal drama directed by brothers Safdie, Joshua and Ben, who was very well received by the world critics during his presentation at the festival and who has the possibility of being one of the candidates to receive the golden palm.

Constantine has a quick thought, is morally ambiguous and loyal to a fault, at least when it comes to his brother, who has some kind of learning disability; all this makes him a firm and attractive character.

Pattinson has worked hard to get rid of the character of Edward Cullen, defying independent projects such as ‘The Rover’ or ‘Cosmopolis’, and ‘Good Time’ is the final stop to that role.

While some of his followers commented that he looked sloppy and did not fit well, others applauded Pattinson’s commitment to this new role. Good Time is a crime drama starring Robert Pattinson. What do you think about Robert’s look? Do you think he’ll turn his hair back to brown?