Netflix starts filming “Outlaw King” featuring Chris Pine

Chris Pine Outlaw King

Framed in its growing commitment to film production, Netflix began in Scotland filming of “Outlaw King” with movie director David Mackenzie starring Chris Pine and Aaron Taylor-Johnson about the history of the Scottish King Robert I during the independence wars of England of century XIV.

Chris Pine Outlaw King

With a plan to invest about $ 7 billion in original productions for next year, the streaming giant that from the beginning was synonymous with “series” seeks to become strong also in the seventh art.

“Beasts of No Nation” and “Okja” received very good reviews and awards, although the rest of the company’s nearly 40 original films did not have the same fate.

Directed by the well-known director of “Starred up” and the Oscar nominee “Without Nothing to lose”, a fat budget and a cast of figures, “Outlaw King” has premiere scheduled for 2018 and will assume the pressure to lift the rod for the Netflix cinema.

The period drama features Mackenzie’s own screenplay with Bash Doran, James MacInnes, Mark Bomback and David Harrower, and chronicles the historic year in which Robert Bruce fights to regain control after being crowned King of the Scots simply to be beaten in an unexpected assault and become an outlaw or illegal by the King of England.

This film is supported by Creative Scotland and will have historical locations, it was indicated in a press release. The film, which is scheduled to premiere in 2018, is based on the life of the legendary Scottish king, Robert Bruce, who will be played by Chris Pine; actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is also part of the cast.

The feature film is produced by filmmaking partners David Mackenzie and Gillian Berrie with Sigma Films, their Production Company, and Richard Brown and Steve Golin of Anonymous Content. The screenplay was written by Mackenzie, Bash Doran, James MacInnes, Mark Bomback and renowned Scottish theater author David Harrower. “I am very happy to have the opportunity to explore in depth the history of Robert Bruce and to discover some of the truths that are usually obscured by the legend. This is my sixth film filmed in Scotland and Autumn is my favorite season of filming year, “the director said in the document.

David Mackenzie Chris Pine

“I am also excited to give light to this film with the beautiful elements of the country, whether it comes rain, storm, snow or sunrise. I am proud that Sigma Films, our small Glasgow-based production house, has managed to make this film and I am grateful to Netflix for allowing us to do it. ”

Mackenzie said he is happy that Chris Pine works under his orders and is in charge of a Scottish and international cast. “I know that Chris will bring intensity and instinct to Robert Bruce and his fight to recover his country, being crowned” King of the Scots “, to have suffered a disastrous defeat and left in the flight with only a handful of followers and later to return, with courage and cunning, his way back to victory.

“This was a very early form of guerrilla war against the power of a much larger, more powerful and resourceful enemy and is one of the best stories of a triumph after defeat in history,”

he said. For his part, Netflix’s Scott Stuber added that “David’s talent as creator is undeniable. We are very excited to work with him on a project of this scale by bringing such a powerful story to life … We believe that this story of ‘David vs. Goliath’ is universal and will be enjoyed and appreciated by audiences around the world. ”