The 10 Most Incredible Stunts of Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise is an actor known for his amazing action sequences and his adrenaline-filled roles. The saga for which we recognize it most is Mission: Impossible. In this one, Cruise is the CIA agent named Ethan Hunt. Within the IMF unit (Impossible Missions Force) he is able to stop the most dangerous criminals in a series of high-risk stunts.

10. Persecution on a motorcycle (Mission: Impossible II)

Tom Cruise stunt

The speed is lived to the maximum. In addition, Cruise is a man who does most of his stunts. When I say most I mean 9 out of 10. This particular sequence is explosive, fascinating and with an unexpected ending. Agent Ethan Hunt comes face to face with danger.

9. Escape the sandstorm (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol)

mission impossible stunts

Nothing better explains the essence of Ethan Hunt than running. Run a lot. In this sequence we appreciate Tom Cruise fleeing from an immense sandstorm. That is to say, the desert is already there. Good idea to use it in the narrative, right?

8. Nightfall (Mission: Impossible III)

In itself, the night adds a significant risk to the story. Tom Cruise must be a fan of jumping from tall buildings. This sequence demonstrates a shocking stunts. No, he did not use any body double.

7. Persecution in Morocco (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation)

Tom Cruise car stunt

Something exciting about the saga is the chase they add to each movie. The fifth installment was not far behind. Speed ​​and adrenaline in narrow streets. In addition, the action of Cruise complements well with the mood of Simon Pegg. Also, nobody stops two motorcycles better than Tom Cruise and a hand brake.

6. The explosive tunnel (Mission: Impossible)

Tunnel Stunt

The first Tom Cruise movie as a secret agent. This moment is iconic and full of cinematic magic. Ethan Hunt jumps in an amazing way at the precise moment. The explosion comes chasing him and Hunt manages to flee for a couple of seconds.

5. The bridge that explodes (Mission: Impossible III)

The danger for Hunt and his team is noticeable. When the air attack reaches the bridge, we see Cruise fly through the air and hit the side of a car. Again, it is not body double. A moment where we notice the “reality” within the narrative. He is not an indestructible man .

4. Urban Climbing (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol)

burj khalifa tom cruise stunt

The best way to avoid the problem of having to hide the face of the body double is not to use body double. Tom Cruise climbs the side of the Burj Khalifa to give all the spectators an unprecedented sequence.

3. The real cliffhanger (Mission: Impossible II)

In English it is called cliffhanger at the moment in which the suspense and the question mark rise together, leaving the viewer wondering what will happen. Most often it is used to finish an episode or a crucial scene, to reveal the outcome later. In a literal sense, cliffhanger refers to hanging from a hill or mountain. Just like Cruise does here. No, he did not use any stunt man.

2. THAT scene of the lasers (Mission: Impossible)

Laser Stunt

If it’s the most characteristic for both Cruise and the saga, why is not it in the first place? Soon you will see the reason. However, the sequence with the slow descent of Ethan Hunt not to step on the ground triggered by alarms is great. Even when the drop of sweat can detonate the risk.

1. The Plane Stunt (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation)

mission impossible plane stunt

This one is the most impressive acrobatics so far. Tom Cruise takes the side of an airplane and holds on with all his strength. Demonstrating that he can make risky scenes perfectly, the actor stands out in a sequence inspired by video games. It is the Uncharted saga and its level where you must run to a plane in motion which brought this perfect scene of Cruise and the door of the vehicle.

Now it is something to expect something even better. What do you think Tom Cruise will do in the sixth movie of Mission: Impossible?