Survivor: Gabon autograph feast

If you’re a Survivor addict like myself, then I’m sure you’re all enjoying the latest instalment of the popular reality TV show, Survivor: Gabon.

While my all-time favourite seasons are Survivor: Palau (10th) and Survivor: Fans vs Faves (16th), the latest season – which is set in Africa – has provided some great viewing. I love the fact that for the first time in history there’s a SA-born contestant, Gillian Larson, in this (17th) season.

Also castaways who’ve already begun to stick out include the ever-witty Randy Baily and the diva-mouthed Crystal Cox – both members of the original Fang Tribe.

I think some interesting storylines have developed so far and I’m enjoying the bromance between the hunky doctor Marcus Lehman and Charlie Herschel (Kota tribe mates) – who have become legitimate friends in real life.

In each season, there is a bitchy contestant, this time round she comes in the form of Corinne Kaplan – who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut. Then there’s also the interesting fashion photographer Ace Gordon – who people can’t seem to gel well with because of his weird accent. Talk about characters!

I think the series is bound to become more interesting and in celebration of my love for this season, I’ve decided to share some of the autographs from the castaways on Survivor: Gabon that I’ve acquired in my collection.


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